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Originally Posted by VADER SS L99 View Post
If you can prove to me that a 911 Turbo has gone faster than 10.6 in the 1/4 bone stock and 10.2 in the 1/4 mile bone stock with drag radials then I will agree with you there. As far as road courses go, you know the type of racing GM built the car for, there is plenty of hard facts to prove the ZR1 is the faster car. Here is just a few of them.

VIR -Corvette holds the record at #1. 911 Turbo #17
Willow Springs- Vette #2. 911 Turbo #12
Laguna Seca- Vette hold the record on this as well at #1. 911 Turbo #14
Spring Mountain-ohh look another Vette record holder. 911 Turbo #8

Home court advantage? Ok, lets go over to the cars home country of Germany.

Hockenheim Short-Corvette #6. 911 turbo #40.
Autozeitung-Vette #2. 911 Turbo #11
Nordschleife- Vette #13. 911 Turbo #24
Sorry bud but I'm not seeing a lot of evidence to support your claim. Don't bother posting excuses or opinion in response. I want facts.

As it looks to me model for model in the performance only category the Porsche is in fact Corvette's little biatch.

Base Corvette>Cayman
Grand Sport>Cayman S
ZO6/ZO7>911 S
ZR1>911 Turbo
ZR1>=<911 Turbo S. Really close but huge price difference.
Porsche has gone 2.6 to 60 and 10.7@129 in the 1/4 bone stock. As for lap times, nice mag racing, but same day same driver tests are hard to find. And since when are you the authority to decide what model from the Porsche line up gets compared to the Corvette line up? Since when is a Cayman/Boxter a competitor to the Corvette? You're basing everything on price again. I've seen these 10.6xx zr1 runs made in -1400 DA, big deal. Like I said, ZR1 and the Z06 got toppled as kings of the hill by both the GT-R and the 911T, that's why Chevy put the PSS Cups on them. In fact, especially on the Nurburgring, the ZR1 couldn't crack a 7:38, just like the 911T, when it was in stock trim. Once they started using safety equipment", as in roll cages, in turn stiffening the car, and then throwing the "optional" DOT competition tires on them did they start "winning" that battle. Ring times are a marketing gimmick, and GM releasing track times that people can't seem to replicate is another one. In the end, like I said, you would be hard pressed to find anyone cross shopping the two. Porsche guys and Corvette guys are equally passionate about their own brands. I like both, but I prefer the 911 for it's every day livability and blend of performance and luxury.
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