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Originally Posted by SSMickey View Post
I would call some of the more well known shops such as Vengeance, FSP, PCM, Jennety, Lethal or Rhino on here and discuss your goals with them. They are the experts, use there knowledge to your advantage. Nothing wrong with soliciting opinions on here, but your going to find that most will recommend what they already have. Also, you might want to consider a custom grind. A custom gring in most cases will be the same or just slightly more than an off the shelf grind. BTW, do you have an LS3 or L99 engine?
Thanks for the mention

amizz10- Most mid-big off the shelf cam's will get you in the window of where you are wanting to be power wise. I try and recommend a custom grind to anyone looking though simply because it is tailored to exactly what you are looking for. It ends up with the driveability that you desire and the powerband/torque curve to match.

Feel free to give us a call or PM myself or Matt if you'd like or if you anymore questions.
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