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Originally Posted by Camaro_h View Post

First of all.. its spelt Porsche.

2ndly, you have to specify what model was the 911...? ranges from 911 , 4, 4S, Turbo. There is a difference from a standard C2 to a CS (350-400hp, turbo with 500hp).

Its like me saying Chevrolet beats the Mustang GT .

Was it a 997 or 991? the 991 has an additional 15hp to its previous.

In conclusion, the 911 Carrera 3.4 & 3.8 models can NOT beat the Vette Z06 nor ZR1s.
However, the 911 Turbo is a tight competitor with the Z06.

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Technical & Training Manager at Porsche Centre Kuwait.

i hate grammar nazis, AND the model was in the 1st post:

"I know a guy who raced a 911 Carrera S recently."
let's give nuke's a chance..
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