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Originally Posted by turboguy327 View Post
Oh yea. Many times. I was always told that the dealer has the final word. The car was towed in because the clutch pedal was stuck halfway up. The car been in for a slipping clutch/sticking pedal twice before. I kept getting told it was fine. When they say the blued flywheel they insisted I road raced the car. That is the only way the flywheel would get blued from heat. Not from the slipping clutch that I complained about. Only road racing causes a blued flywheel according to the head service writer at Doyle Chevy in Webster ny. The absolute worst dealer in the history of cars
Got one better, brother took his Cadillac in because he had a horrible miss in the engine, still under powertrain warranty mind you. Their diagnosis? A tire out of balance..... WTF? Ended up being a bad plug coil. Oh, then they charged him 80 dollars for checking it out! his wife went back on them, and well, they refunded that, but they are banned from that dealership which is totally ubsurd (Pops Chevrolet in Prestonsburg Ky BTW). And yes, he tried calling customer service and got the same thing about dealers always being in the right and they actually told him that if put in a complaint on a dealership they could get in trouble and this was a damned SUPERVISOR! GM customer service is about as useless as tits on a warthog. The sad part is, he loves that car and said he even understands he could have just gotten a horrible example, but the reason he will never again consider another GM car is because of the treatment he got from 2 different GM dealerships and Customer Service.
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