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Originally Posted by Unreal View Post
AGP small turbos? Which turbos are you talking about since there are about 50+ different combinations you can get? 56, 61, 67s? .63, .82, 1.0, 1.2 a/r? Then you can get into ball bearing, billet, etc etc.

If they spool too quick, swapping housings is a hour long job. Plus the turbos will make more torque (if you want). Plus one of the biggest advantages of a turbo setup is adjustable boost and boost by gear is super simple to setup. Worried about traction? Just get a decent electronic boost controller and have it ramp up boost by speed or gear. Want 550hp around town then set it to 5-6psi, want 15psi when you have 100octane in and want to make 800+rwhp, just turn the knob.
Really wish i had thought about this 5 months ago.
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