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Originally Posted by killmode_on View Post
That's all kind of true but missing the biggest point. The only single kit available for the Camaro has 10ft. of exhaust piping before the turbo. The problem with kits like that or rear mounts is you've lost a lot of the exhaust's energy by the time it gets to the turbo. So to get the turbo to spool up reasonably you have to go with a smaller turbo. Then that smaller turbo is limited on total power production. It's a catch 22. The U-turn single kit on the market today is both laggy and limited to around 700whp. It's more laggy than the 1100whp twins I have on my car. I really don't like superchargers but I'd get a Whipple or ECS kit before a U-turn single.
haha just so you know i run a rear mounted twin turbo kit there are ways to reduce lag even if you have piping like mine. With twin 72mm turbos i am fully spooled around 3600rpm right now on the street. and at the track i can get them fully spooled around 2700 rpm.

Technology and experience these days has reduced lag to where its not an issue, plus on when you daily drive a car... its nice to have a little lag. You dont want instant power as thats what causes accidents.
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