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Ya you will want a BAP with that level.

You really need to sit down and decide if 550-580 rwhp will be your end game for performance level and make sure you get a fuel system that you will not outgrow.

I am in a similiar power range now and preparing to take the next step up in performance. I never thought I would ever need anything more then the stock 400 HP in my L99. Then we jumped up to around 450 with some bolt one and then around 600 with SC and now looking to get into that 800 HP range (crank HP) so I have to upgrade my fuel system completely.

If you think you may want more power down the road, get something you will not outgrow in a couple years.

I think the injectors that come with the Maggie will be fine for 550 rwhp range but you will need to do something with your fuel system. Get ahold of a good shop, many great ones represented here on C5 and tell them what you want and then do what they recommend.

Again, I recommend JRE because I have delt with them with all my performance upgrades and have never once been steered wrong by Ted and his crew. Its gotten to the point now I just ask and do what he tells me to do which is what we should do. FInd a good shop, tell them what you want as a goal and then do what they recommend.

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