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Originally Posted by Supercharged SS View Post

You'll loose a little boost with the headers. The 3.8 is like 6 psi and the 3.6 is about 8psi.

Are you l99 or ls3? If you're shooting for 500 rwhp you shouldn't need a bap or injectors. I used the Maggie injectors at 550 rwhp and had no issues.

Ted isn't going to sell you something you don't need so your best bet is to ask him why on the 80lb injectors? Seems like overkill to me but that's his job to know what's best.
I have the L99. To be clear, this "tuner" kit from Magnuson does not come with injectors so if I don't purchase them, I will be left with the stock Chevy injectors.

I guess we'll see how Ted replies to my last email. Just wanted to educate myself before he responds. I def trust his advice. He's been great!!
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