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Well here's a new one... After work today, as soon as I started the car, the Mylink started playing music from my USB, then connected to my phone, and started with the Incoming Call. So I try to answer it, and it wont answer. Finally it stops then USB music comes on for a few seconds, and again Incoming Call and it won't let me answer.

So I turn off the BT on my phone, and call the guy back. He don't answer, so I leave a message that I will call back in a few minutes. Meanwhile, the Mylink switched from USB to FM as soon as I disconnected the BT.

Now my USB is not detected. I power cycled the Mylink, and it still won't detect my USB. Unplug then re-connect the USB, and it still won't work. Acts like the thumb drive burned out.

So I call the guy back, and he said he was inside the machine we were working on all day, and he only called me twice in the morning, just when I arrived at work in the morning. He was inside the machine and not near his phone, when I got those calls.

So the Mylink system did not relay my calls until I got back in the car after work? It was hung all day waiting to reconnect to my phone.

Well no CD or USB meant I had to drive home with BT and stream from my phone. At least BT stayed working till I got home, and then I tried my USB and it started working again.

Now is this glitchy operation or what? I am ready to pull the Mylink out and build another Windows 8 carpc so I can deal with glitches faster.
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