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Originally Posted by VADER SS L99 View Post
I clearly said dont come on here spouting your excuses and opinions and what do you do? You post opinions and excuses. Get back to me with some hard facts on performance. Until a bone stock 911 Turbo does 10.5 ET in the 1/4 and beats the ZR1 records on all those tracks you need to admit your WRONG. Why do you keep bringing up cross shopping? How is it relevant? I'm talking about performance between 1 car to the other. Both cars have been compaired to each other since 1965 in this regard. They are CONSTANTLY tested against each other. When GM builds the Corvette they have a target model Porsche to beat. I'm not the one who decides that. That was GM. You can try to make all the excuses you want for Porsche but the numbers don't lie. Ohh and I didnt even list Nurburgring. LOL. Many of the ones I listed were done independantly from GM so how again could it be a marketing gimmick? Your other excuses about tires and what not is just that its excuses. I get told alot of those too when I beat someone.
Like I said, mag racing. And the fact that you did list the Nurburgring and you don't even realize that you did just shows me that you copy and paste times without knowing the details of the test, what tires were ran on the cars, who drove them, where, and if optional tires were used or not.

Originally Posted by VADER SS L99 View Post
Nordschleife- Vette #13. 911 Turbo #24
^ That's the Nurburgring.

Originally Posted by 302-412 View Post
Funny how when the 5.0 vs SS mag reports came out certain people seemed to scoff at them, now in regards to the the Corvette their Gospel?
lol yep. Use the "facts" when they are convenient for you <- Creed of the magazine racer.
Originally Posted by bluebeastsrt View Post
I dont get bringing tires up. Can't any manufacture use cup tires or does GM own the exclusive rights to these?
No, they don't have exclusive rights to them by any means, but when the Z06 and the ZR1 started getting beaten in tests and reviews by cars that should be slower based on horsepower and weight, GM fixed the problem by sticking competition DOT approved tires on the car. They have between a 60 to 80 tread wear rating and are not very good for street use. They typically last less then 5k miles.

That is the exact same reason that I don't buy all these "lap times" that everyone throws around. They add "safety equipment" which stiffens up the car, and they use optional near race tires to do them. It's not something that someone who buys the car is going to use or exploit themselves. It's also funny that when independent tests are done, the cars typically don't even come close to what the manufacturer is claiming their "stock" car did. I think the GT-Rs were notorious for this when they first came out. That is also why the LF-A is one of my favorite super cars ever. Yes it's a Lexus, but Toyota was pretty successful in JGTC and that car was developed by engineer that were working for the Toyota F1 team while it was still around. That car holds the record at the "ring", and it's the fastest car ever tested there on standard Bridgestone Potenza RE070.
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