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Originally Posted by quincy speeder View Post
Aeromotive has had problem pumps forever. It will be blamed on too small of wire, voltage ect but in the end there pumps are junk. Not made for street cars.

This has been going on for atleast the 10 years I've been into these cars.
Aeromotive has not been making stealth hats for ten years....

Everything has to be installed very precisely and use the proper supplemental parts to make their systems work. Its not just as simple as drop it in, power ground, and you're off. Their pumps are not junk, their products and engineering is not junk...If it was they would not be around.

We have used these systems in over 12-15 applications in Camaros alone (we have used lots in corvettes as well and other applications) making all north of 800 horsepower up to 1400...No vapor lock, no dead pumps, no problems. No Voltage problems.

There are many options in the market for fueling high output engines, some are better then others, work with a trusted proven shop and I am certain you can find a proper solution for the application.
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