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Twin Turbo Comparison

I've finally decided to go the twin turbo route on my new 2012 camaro ss its a manual 6 speed ls3. I've been debating PD vs centri vs twin's and have made the decision to go twin turbo.

I looked at granatelli and hellion and IPS and AGP.

I dont plan to run anything over 650 ish rwhp for some time. Later if money permits I will possibly forge the block but dont plan much more extreme than that as I dont want to buy a new motor or build anything for like 1k+ range. Evern if I surpass the 650 rwhp range it would be to get into the 700's nothing more since its a street toy. The only other big change I would like to make would be a cam mostly for the sound at idle.

I've narrowed it down to the IPS entry level kit and the AGP TT kit.

Could anyone give me some details of the difference between the 2. I have found a couple things. I like the tial stuff from IPS but then love the cast parts from the AGP kit. Also the agp kit has a mean intercooler which I love that it gets good air above and below the bumper support. I also think the AGP kit is ball bearing turbo's. Im somewhat familiar with turbos but its been a while. I put a turbo kit on a na eclipse years ago.

Im mostly looking for some who have knowledge in turbos give me some info on the difference between the turbo's on the 2 kits and which may be better. I also am strickly going to be using this for weekend fun its not a DD but I also dont do 1/4 or track atm. I think the kits are around 1500 price difference.

Thanks for any info I appriciate it !! Levi
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