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Originally Posted by sscamaro View Post
What size are the LS9 injectors? After the installation I used the can tune sent with the kit. I drove it for a week just taking it easy. I then had dyno tune and found out that it was running very lean. After the tuner got the F/A ratio set he went ahead with the tune. It was running out of fuel just before 6500 RPM, so he lowered the REV limiter to 6000. After installing the ZL1 fuel pump and the 72# injectors he retuned it and raised the REV limiter back to 6500.
Gotcha. I believe the LS9 injectors are 56#? I will not be using the canned tune form Magnuson. I will be having a JRE custom tune so hopefully we should be good to go until I'm ready for MORE power...
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