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Originally Posted by benji1997 View Post
Glenn and nyrfan....had a long talk with the SM. He had a long talk with the powers that be at GM. The bottom line is they will try one more new radio in my car. The SM says there is a low probability that the new radio will solve the problem. As you guys have intimated, they will have to come up with a SW fix most probably. The SM told me, for my troubles, GM will compensate me possibly in the form of a car payment. They may not be happy when they see the size of that payment. In the meantime, I will continue to be all hissy because my Mylink does not work perfectly.
I figured as much. Take what the SM said about a payment with a grain of salt. This is not something he can approve, this is approved by GM and you must 1st have a GM case #. I went through this with my V6 and recently with me SS so I know the process. Not saying you won't get it, but be prepared to fight a bit as it's not that simple.

GM recently wanted to give me a months payment for the issues with my SS, myLink issues included, problem is my car is paid off. I negotiated an unbelievable compensation package with them. Don't want to mention everything but my 1LE splitter, SS armrest and GM sub box should be delivered tomorrow, that there is nearly $1800.00 in product and there is still a bit more.
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