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Well, in my case the dealer handed me that bulletin, and said, "too bad, Chevrolet says we can't fix it, so you have to live with it.

So I sat there in the parking lot, reading the excuse bulletin, watching my window go back down over and over and over.

But, oh yeah, that little exercise was free.........

The problem with the logic in that bulletin or whatever is that it makes a statement about "low miles." Well, the mileage has absolutely no impact on window operation. And the bulletin only serves to reinforce the idea that this is a widespread problem - else they would not have had to publish something.

I ripped the dealer for copping out and not stepping up for a customer by saying, wait a minute, this has been going on for over a year. Chevrolet then called me; so in fairness to this topic, Yeah the dealer blew it off, but Chevrolet followed up. Now it's a question of whether I want to go right back to the idjit dealer, or travel, but yeah, the company did follow up with me.

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Would it be fixed for free??
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