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Originally Posted by King Sun View Post
to be fair the SSR was ugly.
I liked the thing, but they did it all wrong. They should have never made it convertible, they should have had the LS2 from the beginning, had a real bed that could actually stuff, they needed to be able to actually tow something, and they should have been 10k cheaper.

Originally Posted by Mikes SS View Post
the last effort that GM made at a performance full size was the 454SS in early 90's
Actually after that there was trucks i previously mention, the SS, the C3, and the SSR. All good ideas killed by making moves to drive the price up like making the SS extended cab only and AWD only (at least the latter was rectified in the last could years). SSR could have been much better but again they went too far with the convertible op and carpeted bed and no capability.

Originally Posted by Sales @ CAI Inc View Post
I myself would love to see a SBRC truck with a good motor, gearing and performance stance coming right from the GM factory. Until they do, I'll stick with building my 5.3L S10
Had 2 older S-10s with carbed 355s in them, loved them both and aways wanted to do a 98+ ZQ8 Sonoma Stepside with a LSX.
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