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Originally Posted by Desslok71 View Post
Hello pmandeep

I'm having the same issues with my HUD, just started today. Have you come up with a resolution for this issue? I am up for an oil change soon and was going to bring up this issue to the service department, but I would like to be informed if there is a resolution for the issue.
Hey Desslok71, I plan on taking my car in to the dealership on this Tuesday for its first oil change and also plan on talking to the dealer about this issue. I want to see what he has to say about this.

On a side note, I would like to ask everyone that had the HUD fail on them the following:

- Did you pull your car out of Garage and saw it was not working or was it parked outside, like in driveway or parking lot at work?
- When your HUD failed was the weather and the temperature hot where your car was parked?
- Playing something on Pandora/Bluetooth and it decided to fail on you?

The reason I am asking the above two questions is, because everytime my HUD failed on me, I was out with my car and the temperatures were 90+ with the sun coming down on it hard. The very first time it happened to me, I was so freaked out that I had pulled over almost 3-4 times on the freeway to turn the car off and turn it back on. The HUD would come up but the moment I put it in drive or played something on mylink or switched between different pages it disappeared. I really doubt if the questions I asked might be the cause, but having a fair idea of conditions and scenes when our HUD's are failing might help us find a common factor or cause for it.

If it has failed for you and if you can remember what exactly happened and what the conditions were like, please let us know.
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