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Originally Posted by partymn View Post
Kind of. Its not really as tough of a spot as it could be, I just want to minimize the backpressure and take that strain off my system. I am not changing the whole system and the turbo whine is too addicting to get rid of either.

Go back to stock, why would anyone do that. Its still sitting at 546 HP and 599 Tq, going back to stock would be like driving a Prius.

If the answer is as simple as being out of turbo, then so be it. I will live with what I got until I can financial justify doing further changes. However, there is always something that you can do that will not break the bank and still improve the situation. Throwing money at it is not the answer to every question on C5. I am just trying to figure out what is the correct route to take.

I think I see now how you got into this current mess. Enjoy.
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