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YES!!!! My car is finally back to normal (if not better now)!

I wanted to post my findings in case someone else runs into a similar issue.

I took my car to get aligned again but this time with Pedders camber bolts in hand. I also explained to the alignment tech weird way it's been driving and we both thought it was something loose but neither one of us could find it. He even took it for a ride and came back to agree that something was wrong. I was there with him when the looked over everything by grabbing both front and rear suspension parts and tugging on them for looseness...still everything seemed good. Finally he thought to start the car and have someone watch underneath while he moved the steering wheel. BINGO!! the whole steering rack was moving. We could only get it to move under load of the car. You couldn't get the rack to move at all by hand.

So, next step was looking at the steering rack bushing that I had replaced. I ended up having to leave the alignment shop at that point without any alignment so I put in a call to Pete on my way home. A little while later he called me back and I explained everything to him. He said it almost had to be the strap that holds the rack down. Now, mind you I had never touched that side of the rack. I eventually got it over to my dads shop and sure enough....I was able to un-screw the bolts by hand. How the got loose I have no clue but they did. So, I took out the bolts, applied some locktite, and put them back. That fixed 95% of the problem. My steering wheel was now barely crooked and I still had the camber bolts so I went back to the alignment shop this morning.

After explaining all what happened to the tech I gave him the camber bolts and had him install them. Funny thing was that he couldn't understand how they were going to help. I think because they look so similar. So, once he got one of the OEM bolts out I held up the two bolts and showed him the difference. Still he seemed skeptical but it was my dime to put them in.

Well, then he got them in and started to actually align the car. He immediately came back and said "Very cool".....those bolts really do work. He then started ranting about how much better the were. He commented probably 3 times on how much better over stock the worked and then he had way more than enough adjustment for my car (which is lowered about 1.5").

He ended up only charging me $20 extra for the camber bolts and extra time he spent on it. $90 out the door. Smoking deal for me.

He didn't get it 100% where we wanted but he spent a good 30 min just on the alignment part and got me into a lot better specs. He couldn't quite get the rear toe where we wanted to though.

BIG THANKS!!! to Pete for taking the time to help me find the problem. I'm also a firm believer in the Pedders eccentric bolts! I know they aren't cheap but they are hell of lot better quality and if I can get a better alignment that help keep down the wear on my tires then they'll pay for themselves eventually.

I've only driven it for a little distance but it sure seems to really handle better. I feel like the car feels lighter. It might be in my head or maybe it's been riding so bad lately and not it's not but either way it really feels great right now!!!! Time to get to another Auto-X event.
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