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Originally Posted by camarostar2010 View Post
I have the older ones. I had an issue with one corner from day one. Called to get it replaced and got the "i have to buy an entire new set speech" Lesson learned, I wont buy there stuff ever again. Not flaming, just stating what happened.
I hate to hear stories like this...perhaps this happened before I was here, but it still doesn't change how it makes me feel. As far as I know, and I can almost be 100% certain of this, that has never been our policy. I bend over backwards to get things as small as nuts and bolts to guys who have cross-threaded them during installs. That may not sound like a big deal, but that involves separating kits and having them made complete again, billing, boxing and shipping...and by the time everybody helps get that bolt out to a guy, we lose quite a bit of money on it...but we don't care. We support our customers 100% no matter what. I know this from experience...I was a customer of Pfadt before I ever worked here.

I stand behind everything that we sell here. If someone calls me with an issue, I do everything possible to get them back on the road. Our motto is the perfect fit, the first time. We have done everything to ensure that. We use the best seals on the market, and use them in a bullet-proof design. To make things even better, our quality control and testing before anything leaves the house exceeds OEM....we know this because we have people here that used to work in Detroit before coming to work for us. Our competitors all source to China....we still make everything here to ensure that we have 100% control over the quality process. Trust me...we could make a lot more by sourcing overseas, but we refuse to let the integrity of our designs be degraded by poor manufacturing.

But standing 100% by my customers is only one advantage of our coilovers. This product is specifically targeted for comfortable street use along with track performance when you need it. The optimized spring rates allow for more lowering capability, while maintaining a firm but fantastic ride quality. We spent a lot of time on the valving...which is important. Other companies that outsource often times use a universal valving in a platform specific housing. While the coilover is a direct bolt-on, the valving is not specific for the vehicle, and therefore isn't optimum for handling. We spent the time behind the seat (Countless hours at road courses, run-after-run at the drag strip, hundreds of autocross runs, skid pad testing, slalom testing, cold weather testing, corrosion testing, durability testing) and in the dyno lab to ensure that we have the optimal valving on our coilovers.

At the end of the will rip around corners like you couldn't have ever imagined. Also, don't forget to upgrade your sway bars...these cars love some more bar!

Hope I helped answer the question, but the short of it is this: Our new coilovers are in a league of their own. Please feel free to give me a ring with any questions!

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