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Thanks for the info. I shut it off the second the car told me to. Not worth taking the chance and making it a much more expensive fix. I called the dealership and they want to charge me $1700 to replace the pump. After much research, I am finding that my mods can not possibly have had any impact what-so-ever on my pump failing, so this may be a battle I fight with GM under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. We'll see. Worst case, our best performance shop in town is offering to install a Texas Speed ported pump for $600 out the door. Not fun for a part that should not fail, but I'm skeptical about replacing it with the same garbage pump that it has in it.

The worst part of this is that I am military and have orders to transfer next week. My car was supposed to get me from Florida to California. My piece of mind isn't at it's highest at this point. Crossing my fingers that I can get this thing all hammered out in time to roll out on schedule. Again, thanks for the info.
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