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It's a Synergy thing..
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We started out from the Pacific Northwest (Seattle) with four cars. Along the way we merged with columns from British Columbia, Eastern Washington, Idaho, and Alberta. We had well over a dozen Camaros by the time we reached Sturgis.

Here's a few of mine. Consider this part one: The road to Sturgis.

Fans were everywhere
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I wish rush hour always looked like this.
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His plate reads "Permagrin". It's true: It never left their faces the whole time!
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HeRS. Howling at the moon.
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Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind
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I'd swear they were looking at the cars too...
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We were travelling with Crazy Horse the whole time and didn't even know it!

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It's a Camaro thing...
Not everybody who drives a Camaro "gets it"...But everybody that "gets it", drives a Camaro! -GG

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