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Originally Posted by pr3dict View Post
Haha. That's really funny, I actually went to Huntington Chevy originally and they blew me off as a kid window shopping so I went to Smithtown Chevy and the first dealer I saw took my order real quick but wasn't too bright. I was talking about leasing afterward and she was like ohhh leases aren't good on these cars. And I told her I saw residuals for the 2013 a few months ago at around 72% and she told me oh that's bad and began to tell me how the higher the number the more you have to pay haha I laughed at her and let her keep putting the order in (big mistake) then after taking all the options down including a sunroof she takes a deposit and tells me she will call me as things progress... I left and 10 minutes later I get a call asking if I wanted a coupe or a convertible... hahaha I ordered a 1le package and sunroof and she's asking if I want a vert... well I let that go also. Thats the last I heard from her until I kept having to inquire about an order number... a week later I got an order number and I emailed them today asking about pricing considering it was released last week and was told they don't have any yet and I will know "later in the month" ... It will be a fun game to play later if the car gets built and they try and sell me higher then my original window of 40-41k
That is my nightmare so I am shopping around for pricing and a written contract/commitment on price before I put down a deposit. The only problem is that all of the dealers don't seem to be aware that there is a model year switch taking place. I have half a mind to email them all the pricing info that was provided over a week ago just so that they can see it and we can negotiate price.
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