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Originally Posted by 1leNPP View Post
Well I am not going lower the front of car, I drive the car to much . So I stick with the springs I have now . first I need enough driving skill to able use up the car chassis before I think about doing a bushing change but thank you for your time .
The sub-frame bush inserts or replacements eliminate vertical and lateral movement in the IRS sub-frame. The OE engineers have made several changes to these four bushes. the first change was to fill the deep Noise Vibration and Harshness voids on the 10/11 bushes. The ZL1 had further upgrades and so did the 1LE. There is still sufficient movement to create dynamic alignment changes in a range wide enough for the driver to experience rear end steer a.k.a. loose rear end.

The hydraulically damped radius arm bushes are the same as they were at the start of the 5th Gen run. Compression and decompression of the radius bushes allows a wide range of dynamic caster change. Way back when, there was a Grand Am prototype built at the Milford Proving Grounds. The engineers working on that project asked Pedders USA to produce a steel jacketed urethane bush to replace the OE bushes. We did exactly what they requested and this gorgeous Camaro Grand Am Prototype was shown at SEMA 2008 with Pedders radius bushes and a few more we won't discuss here.

We have assisted the experts at Milford on other interesting Camaros including the on track Camaro Pace Cars. I get to do some interesting things in my business. Installing Pedders parts at the Milford Proving Grounds has to be #1 or #1a.

There is no doubt that the 1LE is an excellent well mannered automobile. I know and have tremendous respect for the engineers that are part of the Camaro TEAM. There is also no doubt that anyone who drives a 1LE will become a more confident, faster driver with a more predictable 1LE. Foundational bushes are the key. The rear end is more predictable. The steering is more on center.

Predictability. Repeatability. Stability. Music to the ear of enthusiast drivers at all levels.
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