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Originally Posted by Figjam-5 View Post

Sorta reminds me when I was in Norfolk VA in the Navy . We had all the Aircraft carriers in port at the same time and they were lined up in perfect order by numbers , 66,67,68,69, As this is very rare after Pearl Harbor they never pull all the same fleet in at the same time . As I recall we also did this with the Battleships once , I was on the USS Iowa at the time ..Just looks cool

I can't find the pic of it , But this will do , they look like the Battle group ready for anything....LOL

and the leader of the pack , My last ship I was on Battleship Iowa BB-61

That's cool!

I think Earl needs to meet Elvis. They both seem to have some kind of eating dissorder, but like to drive green cars

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And of course, the pit crew.
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Good friends don't let you do stupid things.....alone.....
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