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Hi guys!

Something really weird is happening on my 2010 SS RS and I'm wondering if anybody had that issue...

I'm not sure if I just got a bad batch of LED courtesy lights but I installed them and they were working perfectly fine but after only a couple minutes "on" they are dying!!

I installed one, opened and closed the doors a couple time, started the car... After doing this for 2 minutes it "flickered", wasn't coming back "on" every time and finally never came back alive. I removed it , tested with a power supply and it's completely dead, even by applying current directly to the led "circuit" it won't come up (a little light is still emitted)

I thought it was a bad one so I removed the door panel and switched it for the other one I had and it worked for a couple minutes so I thought everything was fine... I drove to work and it was working and then after showing it 3-4 times to people at work it did the same and died ?!?!

I am clueless since it's a pretty easy install, only 2 wires exist for the door LED and everything else is working perfectly fine...

What's your opinion? Bad batch? Or could this have something to do with the "RS" having HID and current or else could be different and too powerful?

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