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Front End Loose Steering/Clunking Revisited

Hi all - on June 20 I purchased from a dealer a 2013 2LT RS vert that was built on August 1, 2012 (just under 100 miles on it from dealer to dealer delivery and the odd test drive). It now has around 400 miles on it. Generally, the car is fine and I have not experienced any "constant" front end noises. However, most notably on uneven pavement at speeds around 30-40 mph, I hear an occasional clunking (like the sound of a strut or control arm bottoming out against metal) and, more disturbingly, a very fleeting feeling of loss of steering control - best described as floating steering. This may happen over a dip or slight bump in the road. I have also experienced (not regularly or too often) a slight shimmy or wheel wobble on a hard brake. Shouldn't be happening on a vehicle with this mileage or new tires. These events are not constant but frequent enough that I'm taking it in to my dealer next Thursday July 11. I suspect it's having been on the lot for two to three months with some mileage could be related (test drives etc).

I've reviewed most threads going back to 2009 regarding the clunking/loose lumber issues experienced by several Camaro owners but haven't found one identifying a single culprit. I've read about the usual suspects (lower control arm/rubber bushings/leaky strut assembly etc). I also read somewhere that in 2012, GM began to manufacture bushings made of polyurethane rather than rubber but don't know if this is true. I know there are aftermarket poly bushings out there and don't know if they've addressed the problem. More recently, a thread on this forum mentioned a possible strut issue related to 2013 v6's but did not include a TSB number or any follow up. I've searched unsuccessfully online for any other updates/links.

A few questions:

1) Is the problem related to a specific part or parts (if so, which parts/numbers)?

2) Has a TSB related to this type of problem been issued for the 2013 v6?

3) Has anyone who experienced this problem found that replacing any factory part(s) resolved the issue? I'm asking because I intend to install Hotchkis springs soon and was going to have the bushings timed/alignment done. Now I'm wondering whether there are other parts that don't come with these springs I should consider replacing with the springs (like any bushings)? I intend to do the spring install at the dealer's but not until they have an opportunity to inspect and document the issue.

Glad to be on the forum and still love my car!

Any updated information on this issue would be appreciated. Thanks.

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