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Originally Posted by narphenal View Post
Looks awesome!

I am about to purchase a 1LE, packaged exactly the same as yours, in just a different color. I was hoping I would be able to talk them down to around $38k(sans TTL).

What were the two rebates, and what was the pop-up offer on the chevy website. Right now, the one I want is listed around $40,300~ on the dealers website.
There was a $1000 cash back plus two $500 regional rebates that were applied. I saw on the chevy web site that the Camaro now has $1500 cash back, at least for my region of the US. The popup ad is tricky, you have to keep closing your browser, delete the cache, then keep looking at Camaro inventory on the chevy web site. Change the zip codes around and keep doing it and you may eventually get a pop up on your screen that offers you an additional $1000 off. They change this month to month, so for July it may or may not be available. I got lucky, it only took me a few attempts and the offer popped up.
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