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I can relate

I can relate. I sold my Chevy SSR to a local hot rodder and he wants my truck. I did tell him that I could not release it until my car came in. Both of us are being a patient as possible given the circumstance.

Hopefully they will get it resolved ASAP. At my local dealership they have been getting a new Camaro each week. They have two here for sale, a red RT/RS and they got a loaded Black SS Auto on Friday. From what I understand, they still have over 10 more on order including mine.

Good Luck,

Kevin Storey
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Waiting on a ABM SS2/RS

Originally Posted by Todd252 View Post
I don't know about anyone else's issues but I cannot even get my car. It was supposed to be in on July 1st, then GM Quality Control grabbed it and now won't release it becuase of some issue with the manual transmission. (they won't elaborate on the issue)

GM told my dealer this morning it would be mid-August before they would be able to resolve this issue and fix the cars. So I have a awesome 2SS sitting in Canada that as transmission issues that they won't even ship.

Did I mention that I already sold my truck because this car was already at 4800 status and supposed to be on a train.

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