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TSB - Lifters

Question for Reggie B.
Chevrolet Customer Care

I have a 2011 SS and when I crank it the lifters tick for a few seconds to several minutes. last week it was so loud that a friend asked me what it was leaving work most of the time it happens for 10 to 30 seconds then the sound goes away. Sometimes its not as noticeable as others. I purchased it 3 months ago at the local dealership. I took the car down there and even had the TSB for the issue but the service rep didn't even look at the TSB and I felt like I was not being taken it serious.

What do you recommend to get this taken care of? It is ticking and it is lifter/lifters for sure. I would like to drop it off at the local dealer Monday of next week if possible but I need them to understand the issue. Is there a way customer service could set this up and I could just take it in with all the info needed for the tech. I know they have to hear it and I am willing to leave it there for a few days. I just don't want to be told it's normal and have to go back over and over.

I have had two 4.8 liter engines in my Silverado's and never heard a noise form them. I just purchased a new 2013 CRUZ and I love my Chevy's but this tick in my Camaro is driving me nuts.

The car has 26,000 mile on it. Trust me I really don't want my engine touched...

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