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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
What RWHP are you basing that on?

A Stock Z06 with 335 rear tires and 450 to 500 pounds less mass to launch is a high 11 second car.

I don't think a ZL1 with an automatic even comes close to being an 11 second car and the Z/28 will only be 300 pounds lighter than that car. Isn't a Stock ZL1 running about 12?

You must be hoping for some big HP improvements in the LS7. The very slight mass reduction sure isn't going to shave a second off.
the record for a stock z06 with stock tires is a 10.9x with mid to low 11's being the norm where i live with the drivers i know personally.

a high 11 is very realistic for the z28 at 505 fwhp with the driver mod. Then again, I'm from texas, with good DA's. If you're granny shifting, ofcourse it'll be a twelve second car.. or even a 13.

I ran 11.6x in my old ls1 at 470'ish rwhp through an auto peddling the 2-3 shift. Car weighed 3550-3650 with me in it.

zl1's are capable of 11's
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