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Originally Posted by BlaqWhole View Post
I'm still skeptical. You're telling me that a stock base 370Z on street tires ran a 12.93 yet a 370Z with a 50 shot ran only a 13.17...while other modified 370Zs ran high 13s and mid to hig 14s?? Yeah right.

And why are you posting their times over here anyway?? If I wanted to know what they run, I'd go over to their site and find out. This is a Camaro site. I don't see you posting over there about how awesome the Camaro is or the times we're running. Dude, if you're soo in love with those cars, why not just post that stuff on their site? I love Mustangs, but you don't see me over here praising them. And I don't go over to the Mustang sites praising Camaros. Nobody over here cares how awesome you think those cars are. And the few that might be fast does not mean that all of them are fast. Stock to stock, the SS will beat any of them. Equal modifications and the SS will STILL win. There is no argument.
I bought and now own a Camaro. I am on a Camaro forum. The thread is discussing the 370z and Camaro, I brought up some facts about the 370z.

I am not going to delve into all the variables at the track either(prep, driver, temp, DA, 60 foot, shift points, etc).

That is not a 370z "fast list", it's the times they got... Even if its joe blow who missed 3rd gear, he can still post his time.

I have already started modifying my ls1 and put on an OR/Y pipe and tune and I just bought it yesterday, stock LSx engines are generally turds... especially auto ones with GM torque management. With mods yes they are better.

I expect the worst at my track in this 100 degree weather. I will be happy if I get 13.9 or better seeing all the 5th gen SS's get mid-high 13's(my friend's SRT8 charger with intake/tune did 13.5 @ 105 mph as best run of the night not long ago). Come fall I hope for low 13's, maybe 12.9. 2.73's and 10 bolt being my primary weakness.

Last fall my friend did 13.2 @ 106 mph in his stock ls1 Camaro auto, so hope for 12.9 with minimal mods.

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