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Originally Posted by CrystalRedTintcoat View Post
I ordered the Rally 3 ASM (anti submarine). They said for the Camaro this is the model to get if you still want to use your backseat; I have kids.

So, once this is in, can I still use the factory three point harness too?
Hey Brian,i have never heard of that one,send me a pic.In the mean time i took some new shots to try and show you the connection points,and yes i still use my 3pt every time i drive my car.This setup i have can be taken out in under 30 you have heard me say this is totally bolt in.
Ok so pic #1 is just where the tank plate,and harness bar bolt to the factory belt anchor.
pic #2 and#3 are where it bolts to the factory anchor at top and the bottom. I also have the tank plate installed here as well, you can just barely see it.
pic #4 and #5 are just the same thing,only the drivers side.
pic #6 is a good pic of the tank plate,and how it bolts right under the seat rails,you can also see how the tank plate,harness bar,and the original 3pt belt bolts right in,and as you can see there is no interference what so ever.
pic #7 is just a good close up of the connection point.
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