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Originally Posted by phatbastard View Post
Had the car up on ramps to look for a fix for this. The only good news is that the stock shifter is a solid unit, no slops in the shifter, link rod or pins.

The bad news is the slop is in the transmission. The hole on the transmission shift shaft is larger than the pin on the shifter link rod.

No, easy fix for this and replacing the shifter assembly will not help. This is a hard area to get to and the only fix would be to remove the entire shifter, machine an oversize pin and enlarge the link rod holes to accept the larger pin. Have to live with it for now.

I'm not one of the people that like dealers and will take my car in ONLY as a last resort.
It can sometimes be hard to find a good dealership. And there are many people that feel like you do. The only downside is when you work on things yourself, and then can't fix it and decide to take it in, the warranty claim can be denied because you were working on it.
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