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Originally Posted by flyinlow View Post
I've had mine for a week, been driving stick cars for 30 years. My driveway is steep enough that if I stop and put it in first the HSA will activate. Have not had any issues using it, take foot off brake, apply a little gas, start releasing clutch and it takes off just fine, no kill's at all. Its was very easy to get used to. The thing that will kill it is if you are used to starting the old way, which was take foot off brake, immediately on gas and release clutch at same time, you will kill the motor. If you try to do it in a hurry, it won't work, that's why they designed it the way it is.
If somebody has been driving stick more than 10 minutes they would hate this stupid thing. It's on my silverado and I hate it. And it's a automatic. It even locks up the trailer brakes.
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