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Originally Posted by 5.3Avalanche View Post
How could the computer detect that the airbox was deformed? All it does is measure the airflow going into the throttle body. Unless the airbox was severly deformed or obstructed this should not have been discovered by the computer. Did they show you the airbox after they took it out? How was it "deformed" visibly? Do you know what code the car threw?
The computer cannot detect a deformed airbox specifically. What it can detect is a lean condition if it's bad enough. That lean condition can be caused by an number of things and in this case the dealer tracked it down to a deformed air box that was not sealing.

No, they did not show me the air box and I didn't ask. I wasn't all that interested. They got me in there quickly, fixed the car quickly and I was on my way. So far no more check engine light and that's all that matters.

I don't remember the code exactly.
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