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Originally Posted by mrmertz View Post
Thanks for all the inputs! Interesting!

Took it to the dealer this morning. Unfortunately, the dealership doesn't have certified a/c crews on during the weekend. The guys that do handle the a/c's aren't trouble shooters though, so I opted out and will go in this Wed. I'm taking the entire day off and will "hawk" the work being done.

As I see I'm not the only one in this situation, I'm going to throw some of the things posted here at the tech. Overcharging can definitely cause problems. I've also heard of bad Body Control Modules, leaks in system, high pressure switch failures, etc. to me, the '13 SS definitely felt colder and blew that air within seconds after start up. I noticed that upon shutting it off (the a/c) and then a few minutes later starting it up again, it didn't take long. However, having the car sitting out in the sun it took about a good minute before it started blowing cool air.

Hello mrmetz,

Sorry for the delay, but if possible, we would appreciate it if you updated us on your progress Wednesday and if there is anything we could do to help. Feel free to private message us and if we can get involved to help, we will.

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