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Here is the progress of the guys car in the first vid.

2010 Gt deluxe Cloth seats, standard stereo....... the only two options are the 3.73 gear package and the Active anti-theft system.
Kona Blue Metallic with Charcoal Black interior.

Bone stock with 200 miles on the odometer it went 13.3 @ 105 wheel hopping real bad!
With some break in miles a Pypes off road X-pipe and Steeda Hardcore upper control arm , untuned 12.96 @107 on the stock 18's

Here is a video of it.

The latest additions are the Weld Alumn star fronts 17x4 with Hoosier street tires and 16x9 Weld Pro star XPs with 26x11.50 Et streets. I also dropped in a K&N air filter.

In this trim it went consistant 12.50's @ 108.5 with a best of 12.511 @108.58 with a 1.665 60 foot time.

I am very confident to have this thing in the elevens within a week or two tops.

The next mods are 4.56's Electric waterpump, and an alumnium driveshaft.

This guy wants 11's with the addition of 4.56's and electric water pump.
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