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As a pro diesel tech at a large dealer i know a lot about the vgts. I'm actually planning to use two hole set vgts for a remote twin set up on my 2012 but the big hurdle is vgt control. I'm gonna go with a waste gate actuator using drive pressure to operate the actuator. Not the best option but sticking with the keep it simple idea.The ones I'm using are he451ve. The compressor is only a 64mm but it will flow 80lbs per hour. Two of the should be good for north of my 800 rwhp goal. The exhaust ar can go from .23 to 1.90. So it should really help spooling in a rear mount. Anyway biggest draw backs are size and weight. The exhaust side of the turbos I'm using are 11 inches round and each turbo weights 33 pounds which doesn't hurt as much in a rear mount but is really not a good thing. As for we don't need the low rpm boost I don't understand why all those Maggie guys brag about low rpm power if it isn't a great thing. So low rpm boost, high rpm efficiency are great. Weight and size are bad. But everything comes with good and bad. Ok next cost a turbo like im using new is 2800 but used on ebay 450 and the 250 for a rebuild kit. Yes high cost but not crazy high if uou go the used route.Any specific questions. Ask and I will answer as best as possible.
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