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Trash MotorWeek

I don't have any animosity toward the Mustang crowd. They like theirs, we like ours.

I am getting pissed with the constant trashing of GM products. Ever since the bail out. It doesn't matter what side of the fence anyone is on with that subject. It's over, done and there are real, live, breathing people at GM that want to build great cars. From the engineers to the testers to the builders of these cars.

So I am pissed at MotorWeek with the unneccessary constant references to the 'Boss' that were both inaccurate and misinformed.

What the hell is this less than stellar interior. Maybe he hasn't gotten over the $400,000 Aventador yet. Give me a break. The camaro happens to have a well designed and appointed interior for its price point. If they had half a brain at MotorWeek they would realize it's a performance car first, but still is a better interior than both it's competitors.

Maybe they should look at Camaros trashing many foreign cars and Mustangs at the tracks.

Last, the review was shallow and merely repeated whatever was written on GM's announcement sheet. Very poor.


Sorry to go off.
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