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Any word on the engines yet? Still different V8 models depending on transmission selection? The exterior changes are pretty obvious and have been THE topic of debate but I'm really more interested in what kind of new options/configurations may be available, and more importantly if any of them can be ported back to the 2010-2013 models with some simple part swaps? The new exhaust tips (on the standard exhaust, not the quad) look pretty awesome for example and may be a good option for people doing muffler deletes who don't want to chop their existing tips off. I am really curious as well to see if the 5th gen will ever get the new LT1? With fleet mpg averages being so important to mfr's these days it may justify the extra cost, but I don't understand all of the economics involved in making this move... Anyone got any good gouge beyond the taillights being pretty bland???
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