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Originally Posted by LC View Post
Just found this.. quite hidden.

I have a couple of questions.

1. Can you remove the hydraulic hoses once the lift is completed?
2. When you remove them, how clean are the quick connects?
1. Yes, you can.
2. they may leak a little as you pull the quick release off, but once you let go of the QR, the hose seals back up and nothing leaks.

Originally Posted by gahammerle View Post
A couple questions:

1. Is a standard concrete garage floor strong enough to support this, or do sections need to get cut out of the floor and filled with stronger/reinforced concrete?

2. I'm assuming bolts don't stick up out the floor when you move the lift - that there are inserts or something that are flush with the floor. Is that the case?

I would love to have something like this.
1. It depends on your how deep your concrete is. MAXJAX recommends no less than 4" deep concrete to support the lift. If you do not have the 4", you will need to cut out a square (i think 4' by 4'? dont quote me) and pour new concrete that is deep enough. Since many of the recently built socal homes have been built as cost-effective as possible, we were concerned we would have to go through the process. luckily we had just made 4".

2. nothing sticks up out of the floor. You'll need to drill holes and lay anchors in the holes which is what you will bolt down the lift to.

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