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Originally Posted by sspolo View Post
I don't understand how you don't think its impressive. You were asked to come up with a similar car and you did the following comparison.

Porsche Carrera S $100,000. 3.6 engine. 400HP. V6.
C7 $50,000. 6.2. ~450HP. V8.

You did say that it isn't apples to apples, but that comparison doesn't really make sense, IMO. The Porsche has a V6 and a smaller displacement. Even then it still comes below on the highway MPG. I personally, now even more, think that the C7 is impressive.

I haven't had the chance to try out a newer automatic car, so I don't know how it shifts. Although if they shift like the 2005 cars and below, I would hate a 7 speed automatic. A 7 speed manual would be fun though
DG asked me to find a car with similar performance and similar economy, which I did. He didn't say a V8, or displacement, or price. And as I said, the C7 is much more impressive. The displacement/cylinder argument is invalid due to AFM as I have stated before.
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