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No, I drove it, none of this appeared during the test drives it was only during delivery that I noticed things and at which they refused to repair these parts. Also, this car is just as it came from Oshawa so from my understanding these issues should have been addressed at the inspection phase before it was offered for sale. I also had multiple chances to check the car during it's inspection but was told flatly 'no' unless I had my trade vehicle to give over (which at the time was 300 miles away at my parents house).

The dent and chips know are bumper to bumper and should have been taken care of, but the clutch chatter and whine from the driveline has me scratching my head, especially when a technician nonchalantly said that one car they had as trade in and bayed at the same time (same trim and color too..) had a bad throwout bearing when they checked it over.

Now if these are two different cars maybe, I did see a second matching SS in the back lot but it still had plates and looked like someone still owned it.
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