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Originally Posted by Dropspeed View Post
Hi Pete,

Sorry took a little Hiatus from the site.....

In the post above you mentioned a possibility of increase the spring rates of the Pedders lowering springs. Is this something that will come to fruition soon or is there an extended period of time before this may happen?

There are ride quality issues when you go lower and make a large jump in rate. The OE dampers on the V6 and SS cannot control the higher rate. The 1LE dampers struggle as well with a 12kg coil. It doubles the rear rate and is 4 times higher than the front, in round numbers.

Originally Posted by newb View Post
So do you offer a 12kg linear spring that lower .5 f and .75 I. Rear? I would be all over it!

I don't want to go too low and scrape my splitter everywhere. These Hawaii roads suck. But I would like to close the gap and gain a little extra spring rate. Planning to hit some auto cross events.
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