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Originally Posted by MarylandSpeed View Post
That's really the big thing. It only costs like $100 a month to sponsor here. That means anyone can come here and talk a great game, claiming they are the #1 this, or the best that, with no real basis, and consumer really knows no difference. They think that everyone has a warehouse, call center or what not, when for many places, the reality is starkly different. Some may have never even owned or worked on a Camaro. What's even better is sometimes, even when reality is known, some consumers still buy because they like supporting the little guy.
That's real interesting... so lets just say that's $1,200 a year, from 1 vendor, somebody here is a genius here for getting rich off of enthusiasts, cause it damn sure doesn't cost more than $1,200 to back the servers for this place, And the hard working mods get nothing rite?

But who am I to question such things though..

Lmao.. that's funny, no wonder we are not allowed to bash vendors here, cause for example.. if we as a community decided to have a pitchfork fest with a vendor, and we decided to ban this said vendor and due to lack of business, this said vendors leaves... that's $1,200 rent out of somebody pockets rite..

all I gotta say is.. way to look out for us
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