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Originally Posted by 429 View Post
"My car makes noises, boohoo waaa waaa."

You bought it, and brought it home. The car is certified to not be broken/not break, not to be whisper quiet.

Add some power, make it louder, or something. Toyota is offering 0% on priuses right now, as a viable alternative.

Some people.
Not a soulless tree hugging schmuck, thanks.

Well whether the whine was normal I had no idea. I'm going from an SRA '00 T/A with a full exhaust to an IRS Camaro with sound deadening. I'm used to noises, but in my experience letting them go lead to stuff doing the breaking thing.

Louder is kinda the plan, back to the way my T/A was. Thing was that the dealership wanted me to buy into some crap warranty agreement in order to go without a cosigner (banks idea, straight horses mouth made me sign on the dotted line). Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to even get the damn loan for the car in the first place. BS about student loans that you've all probably heard before.

I miss LTs, I miss straight pipes. But to be c**kblocked by a dealership trying to find some excuse.. well I guess we both can play that game. Needless to say one of the phone calls clarified what I was trying to point out to the service department (like the whole I dunno.. loud axle back doesn't do jack s**t to a oil pickup line?)

Originally Posted by Dtrimpi87 View Post
Who else was I supposed to target? Your the one that started the thread. I call it like I see it.
Keep it to yourself and walk on? I dunno.. why target anyone?
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