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Originally Posted by SM0KE View Post
$4,600 worth of Dafuq...


New wheel, new tire, alignment.

New fender, new bumper.

Paint fender, bumper, blend into driver door, blend into passenger fender, blend into hood. Repaint custom stripes as well.

After 45 days of curing, will need to go back to Jay's and once again drop it off for opti-coat to both fenders, facia, hood, drivers door, and wheel.

Their insurance (who still hasn't contacted me yet) won't be happy.

Now....the shop I went to said I probably wouldn't get any reimbursement for diminished value as it was "only a fender bender." But, the car itself has never been involved in a documented crash. Yes, I had the rear and front bumpers repainted, but no accident report was made. They were minor scratches that I got fixed. This one is reportable to carfax, etc.

Should I get diminished value and if so, how much? I will have to take into account this is the 1st CGM off the line and is THR #2. To some people, they might not give a crap, but to others, having CGM#1/THR#2 would mean something....resulting in them possibly paint a tad more. Tons of documentation on this one...

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