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Originally Posted by Rapid Runner View Post
That's real interesting... so lets just say that's $1,200 a year, from 1 vendor, somebody here is a genius here for getting rich off of enthusiasts, cause it damn sure doesn't cost more than $1,200 to back the servers for this place, And the hard working mods get nothing rite?

But who am I to question such things though..

Lmao.. that's funny, no wonder we are not allowed to bash vendors here, cause for example.. if we as a community decided to have a pitchfork fest with a vendor, and we decided to ban this said vendor and due to lack of business, this said vendors leaves... that's $1,200 rent out of somebody pockets rite..

all I gotta say is.. way to look out for us

LMAO I thought I was the only one who noticed this even getting a Quad Proccessor Multi Core Dedicated server from Softlayer is about $599.00 a month so where is the rest of the money going? Its all about the money now a days sadly there are very few that actually help for the cause and not for the profit and this is for almost everything in the world now a days. Granted everyone has to make a living and if this is what is paying the bills for someone then ofcourse they are going to try their hardest to keep the vendor here and not lose that money.
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