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Originally Posted by SSSoon View Post
Hey guys. Sorry to say, gotta bow out this year. Long story, but not going to be possible. See y'all next year, Pete
Sorry to Hear that Pete! You enjoy your summer. We all will touch base.

Originally Posted by kevin1106 View Post
Hey Ernie, I read through this thread a little... Any thought on a communication device?

Also, when should I reserve a room at the holiday inn in Dayton? I guess now?lol
AdemZ had a good idea. Walkie talkies are good and need to be part of the ride. His Idea was using a walkie talkie app on the smartphone. Anyone who wants to do this, the app is ZELLO. My email is My number is 703/568/4448. If you install it, request to link up with me.

Kevin, now would be good! LOL

Originally Posted by Top Thrill View Post
I will NOT be able to make it this year. Some medical bills have used up my savings so no Camaro5Fest for me. I am really bummed about this, I was really looking forward to the new Cararocross but that is just the way it goes.
Sorry to hear that bud! I understand though. I was touch and go myself. All is better in my world now. To Fest we go.

Originally Posted by CruznSS View Post
Kevin, most of us have a pair of cobra or motorola hand helds for trip. They run for $30 to $70 depending on range. The most we get is maybe 8 miles due to elevation changes. Hope this helps.

Sorry to hear Rob but understand. Save up for Daytona in December.... trust me, it will more than make up for missing just 1 lap.....

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Mark, I look forward to having you with us. Do you need a place to crash the night before we leave?
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